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National Director of Black Engagement : RNC
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In a life filled with meaning and accomplishment, Cecilia S. Johnson has emerged as one of the conservative movement's most compelling young figures. 

Originally from southeast Arkansas, she moved to Kansas City, MO at the age of 10. In April 2008, while flipping through a national black magazine when she came across an article by a black man titled “Why I’m a Black Republican”. Curious, she read the article and found herself agreeing with him and determined that she too was a Republican. She has worked on several successful campaigns, Americans for Prosperity, Rachel House Pregnancy Resource Center, and founded her organization, Hood Conservative. She recently played a role in the passing of MO's first ESA bill.


Her drive for helping her community and party was strengthened by the death of her 3-year-old daughter after being run over by a car in 2015. She is the first black President of the Kansas City Young Republicans and is the first black office holder of the Missouri Federation of Young Republicans.


In 2012, she was awarded the Red Alert Politics 30 under 30.


In October 2019, she was selected by Donald Trump for President campaign to serve on the advisory board for Blacks for Trump, working towards her goal of helping the Republican Party win the Black vote.


She is currently the National Director of Black Engagement for the RNC.


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